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International Companies

Elevate your career by collaborating with prestigious international brands, opening doors to unparalleled professional growth and opportunities.

Training of New Skills

Diversify your capabilities and expand your professional horizons through hands-on training in new technologies and methodologies.

Fixed Employment

Benefit from focused career development with long-term growth opportunities in a fixed employment setting with steady work & projects.

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Growth focus

We start off by understanding your business inside & out to see what your specific needs are. Our goal is to make your business grow, by creating the team you need to accelerate your business in a way that makes sense for your costs.

Tailored to your needs

Coming from an agency background we understand the importance of team culture in a small company. Our placements are hand-picked for you based on your exact needs.

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Project Manager

Manage projects while keeping track of budget & scope


eCommerce development in Shopify, Wordpress & more


Design UX & UI for eCommerce / web agencies

Virtual Assistant

Assist virtually to agency needs


Manual QA testing for website & app projects

Ecomm Manager

Shopify Expert in eCommerce